The Cross in the Cradle

The concept of putting Christ in Christmas is a good idea.  Matter of fact, it is the reason we celebrate Christmas.  But as we draw ever closer to the day that marks the birth of the Savior, let’s remember that the greatest gift was in fact his birth, but with that birth came a baby with a mission. A man like no other man; before or since.  The real gift he brought was and is Life! Continue reading “The Cross in the Cradle”

Trivial Pursuits

It seems to me that God really enjoys causing massive explosions of thought and contemplation to take place in us almost constantly. Just about the time that we recover from one revelation, we find that the Holy Spirit has introduced yet another confirmation of His love, by imparting to us yet another unveiling of truth that we never had brought into focus before. Continue reading “Trivial Pursuits”

Altered Trajectory

Deniers will tell you that your past, points to your future. It is simply fact to them that your history determines you path forward. God realizes the issue with humanity is that there is no one that can secure redemption of their own will. But God’s will provide a means to alter that trajectory.

Jesus came to change the dynamic. He doesn’t care about your history; His ultimate investment is in your trajectory. Continue reading “Altered Trajectory”