If you ask straight up 100 individuals the question ‘Are you a good person?’, they will almost always tell you yes. If you follow up that question with, ‘Do you think God will reward you for being the good person you claim to be?’, the answer in a clear majority of cases will be again be ‘yes’. Continue reading “Good!”

Incarnation to Reincarnation

Thinking about the birth of Jesus Christ has gotten me zoned in on incarnation, as well as, reincarnation.

For some who believe that Jesus is the one and only Son of God (which I do as well), this word reincarnation causes them to bristle a bit.

Typically, ‘reincarnation’ is something we don’t consider as followers of Christ.  We reserve that term for some other religions and to associate it with Christendom approaches blasphemy. Continue reading “Incarnation to Reincarnation”

The Oldest Religion

I typed Oldest Religion into my search engine and pressed the ‘enter’ key. What was reported back to me was that the world’s oldest religion that was still being practiced today is Hinduism, which has it’s first reported records of religious practice coming out of Egypt around 4000 BC.

Not buying it!

Continue reading “The Oldest Religion”