In Love! – September 2nd, 2018

In Love!

You may be asking yourself, “why is he writing about being in love, it’s not even close to Valentines Day or one of the other Hallmark holidays?”

What if I told you that being ‘In Love’ was your natural state of being?

It is! Read on…

Note from Kip…

With few exceptions all of us have experienced that giddy, soaring through the clouds, euphoria of being in love. Some of you are feeling it right this very moment. Some marriages experience it throughout their life span.

I remember a cardboard handwritten sign that was posted on my moms home years after dad had gone to be with the Lord. The sign was fastened to the back screen door of the farm house were all friends and family entered the home. It was written in wide felt marker and declared, “Mary still loves Kenny!

That’s the kind of love experience I’m talking about!

Lord, the earth is filled with your faithful love; teach me your statutes.

Psalms 119:64 (CSB)

What is our response to God’s Love?

Consider that kind of feeling and then consider just what our response to God’s love for us really is. Do we feel ‘In Love’ with God on a moment by moment basis?

“Teacher, which command in the law is the greatest? ”

He said to him, “Love the Lord your God with all your heart, with all your soul, and with all your mind. This is the greatest and most important command. The second is like it: Love your neighbor as yourself.”

Matthew 22:36-39 (CSB)

We often are reacquainted with this passage where Jesus is being asked in an attempt to trick him, just which of the laws of God is the greatest.

Jesus was in complete control of this and was not hesitant for a second. His response to the question is so much more than the reciting of two of the greatest laws, which is often the focus of this passage.

He tells them that loving God is first and foremost, but then the second greatest law is loving your neighbor as yourself.

We tend to forget about the portion fixed to the first law. “with all your heart, with all your soul, and with all your mind.

That is what our expected response to God’s Love should be. We should be head over heals, out of control, couldn’t touch the ground if our lives depended on it ‘In Love’ with God. Yes giddy, yes blathering about how wonderful He is, to the point where anyone not also experiencing this love is flabbergasted at our behavior and just can’t imagine anyone loving someone like that!

We tend to take for granted just how much God loves us. Unconditional, reckless, and relentless love for us. Love that has suffered over ages and continues for all eternity. Yet, for the most part that love is unrequited.

In the thirteenth chapter of 1st Corinthians Paul penned a portion of Scripture that we endearingly refer to as the Love Chapter.  I think of Paul’s attempt to describe just how important, beyond all else, love is. Then reflect on the typically casual way that we respond to this message of love and it hurts inside me.

Have we come to the point where we are trivializing the love that gives us life itself? I have to believe that that indeed is the case for many.

At the end of the Love Chapter Paul writes:

Now these three remain: faith, hope, and love — but the greatest of these is love.

1 Corinthians 13:13 (CSB)

I think Paul was giddy ‘In Love’ with Jesus. He tells us that beyond all other things what remains are three irrefutable truths, faith, hope and love.  But really what Paul is saying is, focus in in this love component because it is the greatest of all of the gifts.

Love out of control

I’m not trying to elicit an emotional response from you regarding love. I doubt that I could be even moderately successful in doing that for even a very few. Beyond that, I wouldn’t want to have you engage in temporary exuberance only to see that flame flutter and die out a short time later.

What I call every Brother and Sister in the Lord to do is to examine your love response to the most amazing love there ever has been or ever will be and determine if your response to His unmitigated love for you, has been adequately requited.

An appropriate response to love results in love growing exponentially.  This is the very reason when we talk about ‘falling in love’,  we reference an overwhelming out of control desire to be with, savor, and an ever consuming drive, that we associate with love.

If the response is an emotional response, the chances are that it cannot nor will it be maintained.

It is only when love is returned and celebrated by our behavior with a demonstrated desire to accomplish the same in return, that loves call  within us rises to the level Jesus and Paul were talking about in those passages above.

Are you ‘In Love’?

What I am going to do is ask you to do something. It’s important, regardless of who you are and what your relationship with Jesus is.  If you’ve given your life to Jesus or you haven’t as of now, your response can have a life changing impact on you. It’s critical that we respond appropriately to this love laid down for us. If you are a believer and not living ‘In Love’ you’re not much better off than the one living outside this love that we are talking about.

What I’m asking of you is to ask yourself, if you have responded appropriately to God’s love for you or have you left his love unrequited.  Are you ‘In Love’ with God, with Jesus, with the Holy Spirit?  Are you seeing that ‘In Love’ you are subsequently demonstrating that love outwardly to it’s source and all around you? Is your response to this condition of being ‘In Love’, determining your actions on a day by day, moment by moment basis?  Does being caught up ‘In Love’ change who you are and what you do?

If any of the answers to these questions has a response other than an enthusiastic yes, then I ask you to truly consider what that means to you and more importantly, what it means to Jesus, the one who sacrificed all, so that you could be made complete and exist ‘In Love’ every moment from now throughout eternity.

Are you really ‘In Love?



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